3D Printing has a BIG Problem

Additive Manufacturing is neither reliable nor scalable enough for production.

The Problem:

Today, manufacturing enterprises cannot effectively adopt, optimize, nor monotize 3D printing.

This is because:

For us, this means AM:

  1. Is Mystery Technology - The lack of comparable evaluations across different complete AM ecosystems confuse adopters.
  2. Has Steep Learning Curve - High complexity and cost of adopting and scaling AM systems stop AM at prototyping.
  3. Has Lack of Trust in Final Parts - Unpredictable machines, materials, and processes make final parts quality highly variable.

Nobody has fixed this yet because:

  1. 3D printed parts are hard to measure and validate.
  2. AM produces massive amounts of data very quickly.
  3. AM control parameters are complicated and highly coupled.
  4. Most OEM’s are very proprietary.
  5. This is all very new.

Why does this matter?

It matters because:

  1. Right now, humans are incapable of processing and making informed decision from that much data.
  2. It is cost prohibitive to guarantee parts, especially at scale. 
  3. The kicker - Even if we knew how to guarantee a given am process or part as a human, AM softwares do not have the controls nor tools necessary to implement our decisions.

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